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About Us

My Story

The Past

Arriving late at an estate sale most items of any interest were gone. I asked if there were any items left that perhaps didn't make the sale, I was introduced to an old barn on the property. The young lady stated, "No one wanted this old junk". At first glance the barn did appear to be full of junk, I decided to rummage anyway. With light fading it was hard to tell what all was in there, I offered the estate a hundred bucks for the lot. The offer was accepted and I came back the next day to retrieve the items, with the lot loaded I came back home and started sorting. Every item I examined had some variation of Made in the U.S.A stamped on it. Through decades of rust and barn dirt I trudged, trying in my mind to find something to make a little money on. After everything was cleaned as good as it was going to get I stood back and realized I was looking at a history of blood, sweat, and tears representing countless American dreams. I was looking at the best made stuff in the world, American stuff! I decided to keep the items and use them. Wrenches, sockets, and pliers, despite the years in that old barn wouldn't yield to even the most stubborn bolt. Also, among the items was an old chainsaw. Manufacturing stamp of 1968, a good cleaning inside and out plus a new spark plug had the chainsaw singing it's tune like new.

The Present

A decade later the tools still work and so does the chainsaw, in fact an old neighbor observed me using it and came over to take a look. "Wow", he said. "That is one beautiful machine, they sure as hell don't make them like that anymore." That got me thinking, maybe there are no more American companies making chainsaws here in the good ol' USA but we are far from being a complete service based economy. So who are the Americans out there making quality products? Who is using good ol' American ingenuity and employing hard working Americans to achieve the American Dream? That's a lot of 'Mericas in those last two sentences uh? Anyway, maybe some big names come in mind, like maybe a couple of the automobile manufacturers and so forth. But what about other, less obvious companies, the 
entrepreneurs, the small-medium LLCs, partnerships, and side hustlers? I bet they make some pretty cool stuff, and I want some of it! I'm willing to bet I'm not alone so here I am gathering quality products from around the country made by American companies with American labor and offering them to you. 

The Future

As our economy grows and more American businesses come back to make things in America again our selection will continue to grow. But as long as there is at least one innovative American out there producing a quality product and chasing what is known as the American dream, I'll continue to provide an outlet.